Finally, a professional, comprehensive script feedback service for writers at any level.

Wouldn't it be nice after paying for a script feedback service to not only discover what's wrong with your script but what's right?

At Please Read My Script, we believe feedback should consist of more than just telling you what's not working in your script.  Instead, we aim to look at the bigger picture of the story you're telling and hone in on precisely what makes it unique, special and exciting for an audience.


With our 5-page+ professional evaluation, we focus on a more comprehensive approach to  script feedback, made possible by answering many of the following about your script: 

  • Are the characters flawed, active and compelling? 

  • Does the promise of the premise payoff by the story's end? 

  • Is there a clear beginning, middle and end?

  • How does the format of script compare to industry standard? 

  • Where can I edit and make cuts to make my script more professional, more readable? 

  • Is my script ready for a screenplay contest or to share with an industry talent agent or manager?

  • Does my title work?  Is there another title that might work better? 

The majority of online script reading services are made up of out-of-work producers, studio readers, or development executives.  But not at Please Read My Script.  Here, our readers are legitimate screenwriters who all went through a MFA film and/or screenwriting program and have successfully transitioned from the screenwriting education world into the real world of working as paid screenwriters.  On top of this, every reader is an active, current member of the Writer's Guild of America-West (WGA-W), which we assure you, cannot be said by most script reading services. 


This is because many of our competitors consist of readers who are actually just former production and development assistants and coverage readers, who spent years reading hundreds of scripts for production companies and studios but surprise... they've never actually written or sold one completed script, themselves.  Now who wants to get notes from someone who has never even sold a script?  Or worse, doesn't even write scripts as a day job?  Not us.


 Which is why Please Read My Script stands out as the premiere online script reading service, offering a unique, personal, real-world experience of having your script read by screenwriters who write legitimately write scripts for a living.  Working with some of the best studios and production companies around (e.g., Universal, Amblin, Filmnation, Focus Features, Ivanhoe and more).  With our premium script reading service, you'll get detailed notes on how to turn your script from good to great, from people who write scripts for a living. 

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