What is the cost?

One feature film (120 pages or less) script read and evaluation is $249.
One TV pilot (60 pages or less) script read and evaluation is $149.

Why is it so expensive?

Because we use professional, working screenwriters, all of whom are active members in the WGA, we've tried to make it worth their while given the time it takes to read through a script carefully and thoroughly. Since many of our script readers will spend approx. 4-5 hours on your TV pilot, and 7-8 hours on your feature script read, we've set a reasonable hourly wage for them of $25/hour. Given their years of experience, we believe this is a steal-of-a-deal, as it gives aspiring future screenwriters a chance to connect with people who could one day be their colleagues.

I can't wait 7 days.  Can I receive my script feedback sooner?

Yes. We understand some of our customers are also working screenwriters who may be on a deadline and needing more immediate feedback. Because of this, we offer expedited script feedback services at an extra cost of just $50 per script (e.g., the same cost for both feature film scripts and TV pilot scripts). If you would like to take advantage of this additional service, please select the expedited "3-day-read" add-on at checkout.

Why are your readers' identities kept confidential?

Great question. When we first approached professional screenwriters working in the industry and asked them if they'd be willing to contribute toward helping budding screenwriters with script reads and feedback, many loved the idea but said they were worried about being taken advantage of and their personal boundaries compromised. However, if we could keep their identities confidential, many expressed that they'd be willing to offer their script reading/feedback services through our secure website. Which is why we have chosen to operate this way. By keeping our script readers' identities confidential, it limits the potential for additional outside contact to be made, which sometimes can result in uncomfortable situations and exchanges for our screenwriting professionals. Which is why confidentiatliy among our script readers is important.

Can I read a script written by one of your readers?

Absolutely. Thanks to the permission of a few of our professional writers and script readers, we've selected a handful of tremendous scripts that speak to the talent, uniqueness and power of working professionals, while also showcasing the distinct voice that speaks to the reason for their success as a screenwriter. If you'd like to read a script written by one of our readers, click here and we'd be happy to e-mail you a sample. All that we ask is that you respect the writer's privacy and do not attempt to contact them or reach out to them after reading. Even if it's just to tell them that you loved their script, we ask that you please refrain from doing so.

I'm dissatisfied with my script feedback.  May I request for a refund?

No. There are no refunds for our script feedback services. Because we believe professional screenwriters deserve to be paid for the time it takes them to read your script and offer genuine, detailed and specific feedback, our services are deemed non-refundable. However, if you feel your script feedback is incomplete or lacking in what was promised via our evaluations, please contact us and we will try our best to address your concerns.

I loved my script reader's feedback.  Can the same person read another future script of mine?

Absolutely! We're always thrilled to hear when writers are happy with the feedback they received. It's no surprise either, as we love our professional writers and script readers, since at the end of the day, they want the same as we do: to help budding screenwriters turn good scripts into great scripts. And although we do keep our script readers' identities confidential, we're more than willing to try and pair you with the same script reader on a future script feedback service you purchase provided they're available. To request this, simply contact us directly after you've purchased our service, and let our support team know you'd like to request the same reader as before and boom... we'll take care of the rest!

What do I receive from your professional script feedback service?

Not only will you receive at least 5 pages of detailed notes and suggestions of how to improve your script, you'll also be given page-by-page feedback on your script's PDF (with lines of dialogue referenced, areas where you could potentially trim, etc.) to help you easily navigate and later implement. Once our script reader has finished evaluating your script, you will receive an email with a PDF of extensive feedback (specifically outlined here in our one-of-a-kind, writer-centered evaluation) which was created by the writers themselves behind Please Read My Script. You will also receive free script registry with the Writer's Guild of America-West, which is like a copytright to protect your script from being used without your consent for the next five years! What other script feedback service provides you with this?

Can I request for specific feedback?  For example, if the characters are compelling or the story is exciting?

Yes, you sure can. When you purchase our service, we ask one simple question from you: "what are you looking for to improve most in your script -- your characters, your story, your dialogue, your format or all of the above?" For those of you who really want more specific notes on dialogue, we'll inform our readers and they'll be more than happy to spend a little more time on how you can improve or punch up your dialogue. Or maybe some of you struggle with formatting. It's the first script you've ever written, and you simply want to know if it looks right and if it's ready for the real, professional, screenwriting world? Just let us know that format is what you're looking for help with most, and our script readers will keep this in mind when giving feedback. We understand every script is different and we also know that every writer that comes to us for our service may be looking for slightly different helps with their script. There's nothing wrong with that! Which is why we've created a simple, easy to way to streamline what you're looking for out of our service and connecting that to our script readers so they know once they start reading your script.

Do you accept plays or novels?

No. We only accept scripts written in 12-point Courier font and in proper screenplay format (e.g., we highly recommend Final Draft because it's the industry standard, but MovieMagic and Celtx also work, too). Any submissions that do not adher to proper screenplay format will not be read, and your payment will be cancelled and returned, immediately.

I just purchased your service.  How do you I get my script safely to you?

Once we receive your order request, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from one of our script coordinators with instructions and guidelines of how to get your script to us digitally and securely (note: we are backed by Google Suite security encryption, so you can take comfort in knowing your script will not be shared by anyone over our secure server, except for our professional script reader).


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